24/7 alarm CCTV monitoring

State of the art 24/7 alarm based on line CCTV monitoring to an off site remote control room with a response action plan to proactively protect the site against break ins and damages, and reduce on-site, ineffective, costly guards.

We also offer the Videofied solution that is a wireless battery powered 3G sim card motion viewer camera system that links to an off site 24/7 control room to protect the site after hours against break ins. No existing 220vac power or internet required on site!

This includes the following product lines:

  • Cameras placed in strategic positions such as perimeter, entry/exit points, high value areas
  • On-site triggers such as beams, motion sensors, video analytics to alert control room when intrusion occurs
  • Fight Back options such as Audio communication on site from off-site control room to deter criminal, Sirens, Pepper gas, Smoke cloak, ect
  • Internet connectivity and UPS power

Off Site 24/7 control room to manage site and eliminate any possible threats. Alarm based monitoring, and live monitoring every hour, 24 hours a day.