CCTV Maintenance and Repair

CCTV Maintenance and Repair – We can help you with the maintenance and repair of your CCTV system in Gauteng.

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CCTV Maintenance

cctv maintenanceProper CCTV maintenance of your system is vital to the effectiveness and operation of the system as a whole. If you have not had a professional look at your system in a while the chances are you are heading for problems and a high repair bill.

Dust and dirt accumulates on the cameras, even though they are in housings, the lenses will become dirty which affects your picture quality and your recording system probably also requires some attention.

You might never have had the need to check any of the footage before, but the day that you do need it and it did not work, or you are not even able to identify a perpetrator by the footage it is too late.

Like any other piece of equipment that is in use daily your CCTV system requires maintenance to keep it up to peak performance.

CCTV Repair

Like with anything else your CCTV will require repair from time to time. The cameras have a lifespan but something like a lightning surge can cause enough damage that it requires a replacement camera.

The cables might get damaged during a cleaning process, construction or even mice or rats gnawing through the cabling. This can be fixed and should be done sooner rather than later and at the same time add additional measures to prevent the damage happening again.

Closed Circuit television Security cameras – or rather known as CCTV are widely used by South African businesses. They are vital to protect business assets and the well being of your employees.

The equipment can alert when something seems out of place and the footage can be viewed later on to identify criminal activities and the people responsible. The incident recording can also provide evidence that will lead to a successful conviction.

Closed Circuit TV is one of the more important components when it comes to monitoring your property. It can be used for both commercial and residential properties.

At Falcon Security we specialise in CCTV systems, maintenance and repairs. We also plan our complete systems to your requirements and budget.

  • Visually inspecting all major components and connections for signs of deterioration or damage
  • Check all control equipment (DVR, NVR, multiplexer, video switcher, telemetry units etc) for correct operation
  • Check mains & power supplies and stand-by batteries including charging rates.
  • Check environmental conditions for adverse effects, including growth or shrubbery obscuring camera views
  • Check time and date settings in equipment and update the settings as appropriate
  • Check integrity of all cabling and sample check external insulation for damage
  • Clean cable fixings for security
  • Check auxiliary lighting equipment, infra-red units and photocells (if any) for correct operation
  • Check air vents are clear in all control equipment including PCs
  • Clean cameras, lenses and housing surfaces as necessary
  • Check all glands and seals on external equipment
  • Clean control equipment surfaces including PC (if applicable)
  • Establish regular back-ups are taken
  • Check camera is aligned to user specification, pictures for correct field of view and adjust as necessary
  • Check brackets, towers and fixings for corrosion or damage.
  • Check clamping bolts/brackets are tightened correctly
  • Check wash/wipe units and wiper blades (if any) for correct operation and fill washer reservoir where necessary
  • Check quality of recording during daytime and nighttime modes
  • Check pan and tilt assembly (if any) including fixings, electrical connections and functions.
  • Check the satisfactory CCTV transmission of images to remote site (if applicable)
  • Check warning signs are in place
  • Check all camera presets
  • Check all alarm presets (if applicable)

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